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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 12, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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affirmation. >> they all said you guys are perfect. >> what are you doing today? >> what am i doing today? i'm going out to lump with nch husband. >> love you. we have to go! >> happy mother's day! >> thanks so much.
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as soon as we found out what was going on, we took steps to make it better, and i don't expect those things to recur. >> a house ways and means reveals between october 2011 and june 2013 they asked about rumors of bias against conservative groups three times and the irs replied with denials of any knowledge of that kind of policy five times. >> peter with the very latest in washington. we'll be talking about this
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quite a bit. thank you. eric. >> also dominating this weekend's headlines, the mounting questions for the white house as the country now learns the administration's official story on the terror attack that killed those four americans in benghazi. turned out it was heavily revised. twelve different changes made to the talking points delivered by united states ambassador susan rice when she explained on five sunday affairs programs that the attack was a spontaneous demonstration prompted by that youtube video. this as new e-mails revealed the white house was involved in some of those revisions leading to charges that the white house tried to mislead the country. it denies doing that intentionally and denies any political motivation. for someone at the highest levels of white house debates in previous white house we turn to him, i don't know bolton, fox contributor, former u.s. ambassador and fellow of american institute. good morning. >> glad to be with you. >> when you heard there were 12
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revisions, the department going back and forth over this like a tennis ball, is this normal or is there something unusual about all of this? >> i don't think it's surprising. i think particularly when you have high stakes issues involved the level of scrutiny, speeches, congressional testimony, talking points, a variety of other things get is testimony to how important it is. that's why i think the extent of these revisions and revelation we've seen this week is so important. up until now the white house spokesperson said a style change here and there. that story is completely false. it could have been ascertained to be false, really limits if not destroys the press spokesman's credibility. >> do you believe the administration lied, covered up, intentionally misled the american people or as carney said, as you say, it was
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stylistic changes, not meant to mislead anybody but trying to accurately reflect the consensus of the intelligence community. >> i don't think this was an aberration. it was either a cover-up or ideological blindness, the obama administration will not admit the threat of international terrorism remains real. they didn't want to admit it was a terrorist attack in libya two months before the election. six days after obama himself said, accepting the democrat's nomination for president that al qaeda was on the road to defeat. that's why it's so important, not just because of the tragedy in benghazi, although that would make it important. because of the administration's world view about international terrorism is now shown to be wrong. >> do you think it's a fair assessment to say that. they have the drones, targeting
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killing? >> they have defined al qaeda to be a very narrow group of people living in waziristan near the afghanistan border, that's the thrust of their argument that al qaeda is on the road to defeat. but the problem is obviously much larger and reflects itself in a lot of ways after the boston marathon bombing, the president's top political adviser, david axelrod said, well, you know, the president thought given we didn't know for sure it was after all april 15, tax day, implying maybe some of these people, the irs was investigating over the past few years were responsible. that inclination to blame anything other than the threat of international terrorism that should disturb us. if you cannot identify a threat to american security, you surely are not able to deal with it. >> lets take a look at one quote that was taken out by victoria newland at the state department who dealt with terrorism.
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this is this was taken out of the report. threat of extremist lightning to al qaeda in eastern libya, noted that since april there have been five other attacks by unidentified assailants including the june attack against the british ambassador's convoy. that reportedly is from the cia and that was expunged. what does that tell you? >> well, i think it shows that the intelligence community was well aware of what's going on and that the state department really with a more political motive in mind was trying to keep it out. we know from other e-mails that the department's senior leadership was involved in looking at these talking points. and it's this quote you've read is significant and another piece of evidence that the administration's latest spin, you know, this is just bureaucratic turf fighting is wrong. normally it's the cia that's trying to keep information from being made public, to protect
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sources and methods of intelligence gathering. what happened here is clearly that the cia well understood what was up, as did the state department's own employees on the ground in benghazi, and it was higher levels of authority back here in washington that were trying to put a different cast on the facts. >> finally, ambassador, should there be a select committee to investigate this? >> i think absolutely. we've learned a lot just in the past few days but it's clear there's a lot more to go here. lets do this on a bipartisan basis. there's no paint taking political advantage of this. just let the facts come out. this is about american national security, which should be something of bipartisan concern. >> we should also point out and salute diplomats like gregory hicks and others that don't get a lot of credit. their uniforms are jackets and ties, women's dresses from ralph lauren. they don't have armament or training and they are out there putting their lives on the line for all of us. >> absolutely. >> ambassador, great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> fascinating interview, eric,
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thank you. the white house isn't the only one taking new heat on benghazi as former secretary of state hillary clinton receives special criticism this holiday weekend. it comes from the mother of one of the four americans killed in that attack. listen. >> i'm still waiting for answers to just about everything. i do want to say one thing, though. i want to wish hillary a happy mother's day. she's got her child. i don't have mine because of her. >> so compelling. pat smith is the mother of shawn smith, information over killed in the attack. she's blamed secretary clinton directly for the death of all the americans that were killed that day. >> while miss smith has written letters directly to members of congress, congresswoman nancy pelosi, apparently, seems to think the quest for answers now is, in her words, an obsession among her republican colleagues. >> we certainly have to give the
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full attention that benghazi deserves but we cannot let it soak up all of the congressional attention. what would be the purpose of that? >> and coming up, we'll get reaction from one of the most notable members of congress, who has been speaking out about this and other terrorist situations congressman peter king will be here to discuss his reaction to what miss pelosi says and to what congress should do next. >> we look forward to that. it has been a really rough week for the white house. you have the benghazi scandal, now this revelation and apology from the irs about targeting conservative groups. there could be some movement as well on immigration. what other issues is the president in this administration facing and how will they fare? joining us, campaigns and election magazines editor. good to see you. >> good to see you. morning. >> taking the white house and
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having that job is never easy. there's so much on a president's plate. how do you rate this week? >> this week was a particularly poor one for the white house. there's no doubt. i think when you look at what's happening with irs burgeoning scandal we've only scratched the surface here. i think there's going to be hearings and investigations galore on this. what you've heard from the irs and what's coming out necessitates sooner rather than later something from the president on this. i think understanding that the senior officials at the irs knew this type of targeting was going on. perhaps knew about it for sometime i think necessitates president obama saying something about this fairly quickly. >> it's astounding to many americans that the irs has the time even, and the manpower, to go through all the taxpayers and organizations that have the word patriots, tea party, and we were talking about the 912 project as
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well. what authority does the president have, do you think, to address this and what should he say? once it's done, it's done. we clearly hope it won't happen again? >> i think that the white house does have to take some real action here. congress certainly will. there's no doubt going to be hearings and investigations on this. the larger implication of this is the fact that the irs scandal, what's happening with benghazi, this is overshadowing what the obama administration is trying to accomplish in congress, trying to move forward on some major issues where perhaps we thought there would be some bipartisan compromise. i think particularly on the irs there has got to be some answer got to move the obama forward with health care implementation and they are trying to do so. the irs is at the forefront of that. if the irs needs more federal funding in order to do that, in this environment i think good luck. there's not a politician in their right mind who is75h?da/ o
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defend the irs forcefully on a good day. i don't think there are too many good days in the near future for the irs. >> let me ask you about benghazi and i'm going to talk to common peter king about this as well. nancy pelosi has been a staunch supporter of this administration. she seems to say we shouldn't, as she said, soak up all of congressional attention on this. when you hear a mom like that, who doesn't have her mom on mother's day, and you also hear hillary rodham clinton saying, enough already, what's the impact of that on this white house? they also have obama care being implemented with complications. how do they address this benghazi issue? >> i think it's tremendously impactful. what we've seen on benghazi, certainly on capitol hill, is what we've seen on a lot of these polarizing things we've come across in the past four years. first of all you've got two extremities here. you've got folks on one side that want to say -- wan to start talking about impeachment.
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we need to ask every question and devote every moment to what'sning in benghazi. then you've got folks defending the obama administration saying there's nothing to see here. neither one of those extremities are where you want to be. there's a tremendous number of questions remaining about benghazi that the white house needs to answer, that the state department needs to answer. i think the hearings in the house this week beyond a doubt showed there's still a tremendous number of questions. now you've got the spotlight very squarely on former secretary of state hillary clinton that has lots of political implications, 2016 included. >> hearings, hearings, hearings. it will be interesting to see how the american public weighs in on all these hearings and capitol hill. shane, thanks for the preview and your thoughts today. >> thank you. >> eric. >> jamie, a little girl murdered right in her home. she's stabbed repeatedly. authorities unleash a desperate manhunt for an intruder. now they have made an arrest in
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8-year-old leila fowler that is tragic and sad and even more shocking. >> also, there's a new theory on why you get gray hair and what could be a permanent way to make it go away. sunday house call with that tidbit and much more ahead. >> hey, good afternoon, from fourth brigade, special terrain guy. i want to say happy mother's day to my wonderful wife. she's the greatest thing i've ever had, and to my mom in hammond, louisiana. happy mother's day to both of you. you're the best things that ever happened to me. thank you. whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. police in northern california arresting a suspect in the death of an 8-year-old girl, leila fowler. i'm so sad to tell you that it's her 12-year-old brother. leila fowler and her brother were said to be home alone on the night of her death two weeks ago. he told police he saw an intruder leaving the home and
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found his sister suffering from stab wounds. they did an intense police investigation and the police took the 12-year-old into custody. we'll have a lot more on this story in a live report next hour. >> congressional testimony by those three state department officials sparked new questions about how the administration handled the benghazi terror attack. turns out there were more changes from the talking points from the administration than first thought. this morning on fox news sunday congressman mike rogers, republican and the democrat what they mean. >> the early indication they didn't want the narrative there was a terrorist attack on their watch. clearly that what it a thorough investigation determined. did the culture of not being what it was contribute to the lowering of security standards and other things. >> we're talking about talking
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points. there's no question this was a terrorist attack. they didn't deny it. i would much rather get into investigation of groups that threaten the u.s., how we can figure out who they are and stop them instead of debating how one memo was put together in the immediate days after the attack. >> joining us now the anchor of fox news sunday chris wallace. good morning, chris. >> good morning. we had a spirited morning on fox news sunday. >> sounds like it. >> some republicans are accusing the white house of a cover-up, the white house denies this and saying republicans are using this for political purposes. what are the legitimate questions and factual issues that you think america should keep in mind as you see this play out? >> i think you have to say to yourself what do we know at the end of the week that we didn't know at the beginning of the week. i think it was a combination of the hearings. particularly the testimony of greg hicks, the number two person in the u.s. embassy in tripoli, the reporting by fox news, by the weekly standard, steve hayes, and by abc news.
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at the end of the week what we know particularly on the talking points is the fact they went through 12 revisions. we didn't know that before. we know that originally the cia in their original talking points talked about extremists who conducted the attack having links to al qaeda and also the fact they had been warning the state department for months about the threat level in ben ga -- benghazi and all of that at the in assistance of hillary clinton spokeswoman, victoria nuland said it would be used by congressional opponents to beat up on the state department. we didn't know about any of that. one of the things raised in our panel on "fox news sunday" if we didn't know about that, what did we not know about other things, what happened before, during the attack. we've certainly learned some new things this week about the talking points. this is only going to increase the demand for more of an investigation whether it's
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individual committees, whether it's a select committee, a joint committee of the house or maybe the house and the senate. clearly the momentum for war investigation is going to continue. mike rogers, chairman of the intelligence committee says now that these two whistleblowers were received so well and stirred up such a fuss, he said there will be more whistleblowers coming out in the future. >> as you said, there will be more pressure for more investigations. what exactly does that mean? if there is a select committee, what is that, they have subpoena power. they could potentially subpoena former secretary of state hillary clinton to come in and answer questions. >> i don't know necessarily it will mean all that much, other than it will be a bigger deal and get more attention. these individual committees run by republicans, they have subpoena power as well. they could subpoena her if they wanted to. in fact, some republicans have been saying, why don't some of the house leaders, chairman, people in the house leadership, why don't they subpoena these
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people instead of bemoaning the lack of participation. lets get cooperation now. if we get subpoenas, question of executive privileges and ends up going into the courts and nothing gets done. we'll see. it's clear, whether select committees, individual committees or subpoenas come sooner or later, i think they will come eventually, this investigation will go on. >> it will. there are a lot of conflicting issues. we're sorting it out and you are, too. chris, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> you can see more of chris wallace fair and balanced reporting, exclusives from both sides. mike roger and adam smith on fox news sunday. later today at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. and also check your local fox station where you live. jamie. >> i know a lot of our loyal viewers tune in for sunday house call. today we have some important new information about your health. there are factors that can put
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listen, even if you were bad all week, we can make it better because it's time for "sunday housecall." joining us dr. marc siegel associate professor, author of the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> and dr. samadi, chief of robotics at mt. sinai center. always good to see you every sunday at this time. >> there's always hope for all